Sunday, July 25, 2010

Buttons, buttons everywhere...and they stink.

So a while back, my friend Heidi and I went to this great! antique shop called Bank of Antiques. I don't have any photos to share from that trip because that was pre-Flight Of The Pook. (That's another thing I love about blogging - I take my camera everywhere now because, well, you never know. So now I get a ton of pictures all the time. Perhaps some of memories that maybe would've been eventually forgotten - now I can look back on them whenever I want. Hooray!)

Anyway, so we went to this great shop and it was awesome. I walked in the door and, no joke, my inner American Picker just freaked out. There was so much to look at! The walls were stacked to the ceiling with furniture which was filled with drawers which were filled with stuff. And the middle of the room had more furniture filled with stuff with boxes of stuff in and under it all filled with more stuff and the whole back wall was lined! with books! And you know how I feel about old books. Sigh. And that was just the first room! So we definitely had an awesome time and made out with some good treasures.

The greatest of my great finds (and the thrift faerie must have been with me that day, because it was exactly what I was looking for) was a couple of jars of old buttons.

These are a few of my favorites...
And I also got this great book set! It was put out by the American Geographical Society - it's from the Around the World Program. The outside shell is a bit dingy - but the inside books are pristine!

However, I don't think the buttons have seen the light of day, or a breath of fresh air, in who knows how long, because, I kid you not, they smell like pickles. And not like sweet pickles or yummy fresh pickles. They smell like stanky. vinegary. oooooooooold. pickles. Industrial strength or something. So since I brought them home, I've been trying things to get the stank out. I cleaned them and changed their container. No effect at all. I soaked them for 48 hours in soapy water. Nothin doin. I even soaked a few in orange juice (thinking the sweet, acidity of it would counter the sourness). And actually I think that might've worked a bit. And then I aired them out. And then I tested them on 3 noses - and they passed. So slowly but surely I'll get these babies back to normal. And it is totally worth it. There's some really great ones in there.

Anyone out there ever been in a stanky button situation?

PS: I finished my owl tonight!! So excited about this new design! Pictures to come, and he'll be in the shop soon!

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