Monday, July 5, 2010

I'd move in if they'd let me...

Plant nurseries. LOVE them. I love walking into that balmy, sweet-smelling otherworld of tropical planty goodness. It's just such a calming place to be. And did you know that the variety of plants in the world is like, limitless?? Well, not literally - but there sure are a heck of a lot of them. And I swear I meet a new kind every time I go.

Jon and I went to Telly's on Saturday night (told you my life is pretty low key ;) ) to look for a bonsai tree for his brother's birthday present. It's one of my favorite local greenhouses. They have a great bonsai selection - indoor and out - as well as supplies and stuff too. They also have a good variety of succulents and cacti. As well as some really neat tropicals. And! they carry miniature garden stuff (you know, like faerie gardens?). Okay, so they have pretty much everything - whatever. Anyway I love it.

They have some great big bonsai trees. (Again, sorry for the blurry/bad flash pics - I'll get the hang of this sooner than later. Bear with me?)

I want to take one home...
Okay - and maybe it's just me, but it totally looks like this tree trunk has someone in a head lock.

Do you see it!? Ha! Crazy. This guy was hiding amongst the bonsais. Don't be scared now.

Have you ever made a faerie garden? Have you ever seen one? I think my first time was only in the last year or two...

Very, very cool. It makes me want to just walk in and see who's home. Maybe bring some wildflowers and warm muffins to share.

Wandering through the rainbow of flowering plants they have in the back, we came across this lil guy.

He (she?) was a total ham. I thought as soon as I got close he'd fly away. Nope...

As soon as I started taking pictures, he opens up his wings like a fluttery little supermodel and I just kept shooting away. (You could reason that he was catching the last warm rays of sun coming through the window behind us....yeah....but I prefer that he is indeed secretly a tiny little supermodel.)

So a good time was had by all. Jon and me and the supermodel.


Katie said...

LOVE it! I want to go here! Is this the store in Shelby?

And I think that the second tree trunk looks like a seal (you know when they are in the pose with a ball on their head?).

Good work!

Cassandra said...

Ha! I see that seal too!

No, this one's not in Shelby - but they did just open another branch there this year. I haven't been to it yet. (Ooo! Now I might have plans for tonight. Lol!) This one's in Troy - John R and 16 mile.

Thanks Katie! Your praise and approval as a professional bloganista is very much appreciated. ;)