Friday, July 23, 2010

If wishes were dishes...

...well, I'd have a lot of dishes, I guess.
I seriously get out of control on Etsy when I get in that mood. You know - where you just start flipping through pages online and get a little nest-happy..."This picture would look PERfect in my yaddayadda!", or "This is JUST what I needed for that yibbidyblib!" Whatever the case may be.
In all honesty, though, I love the craft community. And I love supporting other peoples' art. I try to do so as often as I can. I always turn to Etsy for my needs (actual or imagined ones) instead of (or at least before) shopping at commercial stores. I feel more connected and inspired that way. And supporting the handmade community is really important to me. I love that Etsy is home to so many unique and gorgeous sellers and shops...I think everyone should consider them first for their shopping needs. (And, okay, I may be biased, but I'm not just saying that because I have a shop there - I promise!) You really never know what you'll find. Anyway. So here are some of my wishes. Surprisingly, none of which are dishes. I love me some good pottery! (All photos are property of the shops' owners, by the way. Please be respectful.)
A beautiful rug, handmade from recycled Tshirts by the wonderful (and EcoFriendly!) shop,TalkingSquid.

I cannot get over this shop, LauraGeorge. Everytime I go, I am in awe of how very original and beautiful her work is. If you have time, definitely stay awhile and browse around her whole selection.
I've been drooling over this for quite some time. I love the color. The chaos. The mood. Gorgeous. At Wambammare.
Some dreamy handmade yarn from WhileTangerineDreams. And I love her blog! I think hers was the first blog I stumbled on that really started my interest in the craft community and blogging, etc. And she spins a mean skien!
How darling is this bear?! Definitely a front runner for my next "splurge" purchase on Etsy.KraKraCraft makes some of the cutest soft sculptures. I love her dolls too.
RiverOtterRustic's work is exquisite. As you can see, he carves (yes carves! like out of solid wood!) little faerie villages. Some of them even light up!
These are sooo cute and fun! I just love cacti and succulents - I have a ton of them. In real life. No crocheted ones yet unfortunately. BlazingNeedles' descriptions are hilarious too!
And this shop, VintagebyCrystal, so original. And so recognizable. She's created such a niche for herself and I love it. This gorgeous creature, which is made of spun cotton, is also very close to being a splurge item very soon.
Anything you're drooling over lately?

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