Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet the boys. And their new toys.

The loves of my life (aside from my honey, of course) are my cats. Cooper and Moe. So bear with me while I do a disgustingly-sweet, overly-detailed intro and share their latest purchase. Those of you who are non-cat people will probably zonk out in about three...two...

Cooper I've had since he was a lil' tiny mini coop. He's 7 1/2. He's my baby. My little love. My bad bad boy. He's definitely a mama's boy and whoever says animals don't have emotions is an idiot because I know he loves me back just as much. When he feels like it anyway. :) He doesn't take crap from anyone (last month he fought a pitbull who came to visit for the day-scared the crap out of the poor thing-she didn't know what hit her-but they've established whose house it is now, so I think it's all good). And he's smart. Really smart. He plays fetch. He high-fives. And he eats weird stuff. Lately we've discovered he likes the following: salsa, watermelon and salt & vinegar chips. Weirdo.

MoeMoe is a rescue cat. He's about 2 1/2 now. He is hilarious. I don't think he'll ever outgrown his kitten phase. He's super soft and squishy and can't yawn without mewping. Yes mewping. Cuz that's what he sounds like. He loves racing and diving around the house like a possessed little ninja and his favorite thing in the world is blanket tunnels. Moe loves me too - but only when Jon's not home. Because Moe is a daddy's boy. When Jon's home, he follows him around like a puppy and could care less what I'm doing. It's very cute. And Moe loves wool. Which brings me to the point of today's post.

Once upon a time I was doing some crochet work with a wool yarn. I was done for the night so I put it away in a bag and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up, and the entire skein was scattered over my entire apartment. Around chairs, over the couch, behind the TV, under the craft table, through the dining room, in the bathroom, back through the hall, around the chairs some get the picture. A whole skein. The next night I put it away in the bag - on top of the fridge. A very determined wool bandit struck again that night. And that's how I discovered Moe was coo-coo for woolly puffs. So when I saw these adorable cat toys in this great Etsy shop they immediately went on my wish list, and last week I finally ordered a couple. And they arrived!

What's in there, boys? A present for you!?

Moe couldn't wait to get them out of their bag. Literally. He was bunny-kickin them and rolling on them before I even opened it up.

Here he is with his face buried in the bag for goodness sake.

First sniff. (Can you see the black toy? It's a dead tick! With his dead ol' tongue hangin out. How silly and cute is that?!)

That fox looks scared...

And with good reason!

Aww...they're friends now. :)

MoeMoe had a grand ol' time. He loves his new toys. Not only is that fox super cute and the tick good and dead, they're both made all of wool and stuffed with catnip!

And Moe loves him some woolly catnip. Indeed.

So thanks so much to Erica for making such adorable, quality, well-received gifts. The boys love them. :)

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