Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Travelin' on a Lazy Sunday

Jon and I went to the Frontier Town antique shop on Sunday. It's super cute there - I didn't get a shot of the building itself - an adorable old house renovated into the shop - but you can see it on their Facebook page (which I JUST discovered they had - how cool is that for an antique shop?!) We didn't get anything there, but the people who own it are so nice and helpful all the time. I just like visiting...
Then we got wind that there was a hoppin antique show with lots of vendors just a few miles away, so we ventured on over there. We spent a couple hours wandering through everything. I'm really glad we went. There were so many cool things and the people are pretty fun and interesting. Oh! You know what I discovered I need? A pie safe! I want to put one in my craft room to hold all my fabric. Well, at least some of it. How cute are these?

And there was another one - a shorter more unusual one that was greenish yellowish with dark trim and all the screen in it....but I just realized I didn't get a picture of that one because I was busy talking to the seller about them. Ugh. He was nice though. But here is a gorgeous old cabinet I wanted. Isn't it pretty?
And here are the spoils of the day...a great little colander...(it's bright enamelware in excellent condition AND it matches the one we already have which is orange and one size bigger)...a charming German "Forget me not" book" (how sweet is that color plate? Anyone speak German?)....and a shorthand dictionary (which baffles my mind - how could anyone have learned all those squigglys? Does shorthand even still exist?).

And this is Jon's big find. It's a headlight. Off of what? Not sure. So far, we're thinking a really old car. Like Model T old. 1912 ish maybe? People used to have to light their headlights. How crazy is that? Can you imagine? Now they just pop on when it gets dark out. We've come a long way, baby.

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Heedless said...

GReat Pictures! I love your Etsy Shop too! Thanks for the visit...my Grandmother told us recently about learning shorthand...she's 89 and still a dear...