Friday, August 13, 2010

Beavy - my lil' prototype

Here he is! All done. :) This little guy sews up pretty nicely. I didn't have too many problems or difficult areas to figure out on this one. However, I did choose just about the stupidest spot to stuff him from. Which is why he will remain a prototype and you will not find him in my shop. I'm just not happy with the last few stitches on him. From a front view, he looks uneven. (Can you tell I shot him all from his "good side"? Shhh!) The next beaver will probably be stuffed from the bottom, so as to insure a much more symmetrical, shop-ready critter.

Overall though, I am very happy with this design. And the best part about making prototypes? I get to keep this one! And I must say...I am in love. :)

PS: Do you like my new product labels? They're just what I was looking for. Thanks to, Angie at RememberWynn!


Katie said...

He is beyond adorable. And I love the tag... it turned out fantastic! The perfect touch.

Cassandra said...

Thanks Katie! I can't wait to show you in person. I've got a couple more beavers cut out already too! I feel another in-process post coming on...