Monday, August 30, 2010

Clarence the Crow

Photo credit: NY Daily News

A handsome, intelligent, highly underestimated fellow, the crow...

A week or two ago, a lovely lady, S, contacted me through Etsy with an Alchemy request for a custom order crow plush. She has a rough idea of what she wants but is giving me full rein with his creative journey (Clarence's journey, that is). Which is excellent.

Photo credit: Brandon Holden

I like working both ways, actually. Sometimes it's great to come up with something completely from scratch from just a very vague idea. But other times, I enjoy having someone pour their vision into my brain...maybe with the help of pictures, or a story, or a song...and seeing if I can come up with exactly what they imagined.

This order is kind of a bit of both. S shared with me a wonderful story called the Rainbow Crow - a folklore tale explaining how, through his selfless, heroic acts, the crow came to be as we know him today. I love Native American tales and "how it came to be" myths. (Anyone remember Just So Stories? I love - and still have - that book.)

Picture credit: Georgia's Bird Blog.

Anyway, as I progress through this project, I'll be sharing Clarence's journey with you here.
A: Because we're crafty people and we love crafty things; and
B: Because I offered to include S in the design and creation process as it unfolds and this is a fun and easy way for me to do that.

As this is my first very start to very finish blogging project - I'm really excited. I hope you enjoy! :)


annette said...

Crows are such a mystery to me. We have many of them living in the trees around our house. I trying to embrace them and learning to love them... slowly!

I'm excited to see how your project evolves!

Cassandra said...

I know. With all the stigma that surrounds them - it's hard to see them w/fresh eyes sometimes. But they really are pretty cool. :)

Thanks for your interest! I'll be posting my progress on him soon.

Anonymous said...

I just googled "Clarence the Crow" and stumbled upon your blog. We just started a facebook page for Clarence the Crow a couple weeks ago as a fun way to celebrate the large roost of crows that have started to visit our town each November. Clarence is becoming our sort of town mascot. Here's his page if you'd like to follow it.