Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Lamb's Tail

So apparently I do a lot more antiquing and lazing about on my weekend than I do crafting and being productive like I should. With all that I've got going on lately, I'm finding it hard to spend my spare time being crafty - actually sitting down and applying myself to a task (well, any task besides my stupid math homework). As much as I love working on my ideas, and as much as I want to do this full time - you'd think I'd get my butt in gear. Alas...the busier I am, the more I just want to laze about.

Anyone available to come by and give me a swift kick in the pants? After this I'm off to try out a new plush idea I had last night. I'll share pics as I go.

Jon and I found another semi-local antique shop to visit called The Lamb's Tail. It is a beautiful place. Both their home and barn (the antique shop) are historical buildings and it is just lovely there. The little garden area is so sweet - it has inspired me to really want to create a place like that at my house. But that's another huge project, which we currently do not have any shortage of around here - so we'll see.

See those cute little plates as a garden edging? I would've never thought of that.

And a visit to the Lamb's Tail would, of course, not be complete without...

Hope you're having a wonderfully wooly bully afternoon.

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