Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birdies are for Babies

I love custom orders. They're always fun and interesting. It's kind of a forced creativity. You have to be creative - and sometimes in a hurry. None of this namby pamby hemming and hawing over "What should I do?" and "What colors shall I choose?". Custom orders demand your mind to snap-to and produce. Every time a custom order comes along - I learn something new - new techniques or some new skill I had hidden. Very cool.

A co-worker of mine, K, has a friend who was recently visited by the pitter patter of lil' feet. I did some work for K before for her nursery, and a mutual friend of theirs wanted me to do something similar for this new little munchkin's space. I thought that was an excellent idea. ;)

So I whipped up this little guy.

Before this, I hadn't really done any major lettering with embroidery thread.
Also, I really wanted to use some of that superfun pompom trim. But I had no idea how I was gonna get it in there. I'm pretty pleased with the end result.

I can't decide if it's just right though - or if there's just a little something missing. I've got until Monday morning to make up my mind. Any input?


Katie said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh! He's (it's a he, right?!) suuuuuper cute! Seriously, you did so good. Homerun. You're the best. I love the stitch work. And I know that "B" will too! And I will send you some pictures of the beautiful work you did for me so you can link it to your blog if you want. I get so many compliments on your birdies. :)

Cassandra said...

Katie ur the sweetest! Thanks for the vote of confidence and the compliments. I'm so glad you think he's a success. And pictures would be great! I'd love to do a Katie post (if that's alright w/u to do a feature of little N's room). I really like how yours turned out too. We make good collaborators. Happy birdie love all around!