Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't you just love fall?

Stopped for cider and donuts on the way home from work today. We are quite lucky to have about a million (okay, probably like 4 or 5) cider mills by us out here. This one is a smallish one - very quaint. And they have a free corn maze and petting zoo. (Yes! Free! Can you imagine? A cider mill...not charging you up the wazoo...during peak season! Goodness. Can you tell I'm a little jaded? We visited a different, much larger, orchard last weekend. They wanted to charge us $5 EACH to pet the goats because "Hay Mountain" is now constructed near the animals. Seriously? Do I look like I'm about to climb up a hay stack covered with 5 year olds? Donuts and cider all sloshin around in my tummy? I just like goats! Geesh.)

Anyway. This one was very cute - and I want to go back w/the other half to check out that maze and the critters.
Don't you just adore fall?!

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