Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gettin my craft on

So while my other half just left to attend an antique show - big one, hour or so away - I intend on getting some serious stuff done today. And I mean it. For those of you who don't know me...I may or may not be a huge procrastinator. I tend to work well under deadlines, but both of my next two orders have no deadline. Eeek! But I'm determined to remain disciplined. You guys can help keep me accountable. :)
Anyway. This is how I usually start a project.

I sit in the middle of my copious amounts of fabric (fun word that copious!) and start playin with the colors and textures. K - my aforementioned co-worker whom I adore - she's so fun and sweet! - has ordered an owly plush for her baby girl's room. So I get to do pinks and corals and girly patterns! Personally, I like vintage prints/colors/styles and tend to work in more muted this break from the norm is going to be so fun! K - any input?
And what about Clarence the Crow? Well, I'm so glad you've asked, my little slave drivers. ;) (It's okay - I need it!) No worries - he is not forgotten in the least - I've been working on him too. This is his current state - don't be alarmed:

(And Moe does not usually lounge on my projects - he's modeling for me.
I needed some form of size reference and he was the closest thing so I put him there. Also - sorry for the bad pic. It's really hard to get black to photograph - but you get the idea.)
So today I'll be working on a wing design/pattern for Clarence. Very important. I have big plans. Big plans. Stay tuned!


Shawna said...

Well hello fellow procrastinator...actually, you look a lot more put together than myself when I am given no deadline....but then I am still going with the excuse of no craft room put together yet (I think I can milk that one for another month or so).

Clarence is really starting to come together (and I love the leg fabric...swirls!) If Moe is your average-size feline then Clarence is going to be bigger than I thought....but I love it!

That owl is going to be gorgeous...I adore that pink/yellow print you chose, and the other colors are also divine. I think your co-worker is going to be thrilled.

Cassandra said...

Moe is average sized. But after seam allowance, etc, Clarence will be a bit smaller than he seems in that pic I think. I've got quite a bit of wing work done too since that post.

And thanks about the owl comments. I really like that one too. But I'm not quite sure which of the big (main body) fabrics I'll settle on. I'm hoping Katie will chime in here and give me some direction.

Off to work on feathers!

Katie said...

Oh, oh, here I am, here I am! Chiming in, right on cue!

I love those fabrics, especially the blue (in the middle) and the green/pink one (on the right). I like them both for different reasons... the blue is one of my more favorite accent colors in her room and the other one just goes with her room so well, so either would be swell. That rhymes. Ha. Of course, I am quite familiar with the smaller swatches and love all of them too. :) I am not sure if I'm helping. Which ones are you leaning towards? And how many are you planning to use?

As for Clarence, I am excited to see him in his finished state! He is going to be adorbs. And Moe is pretty cute too.

P.S. I meant to ask you... did you know that there are a bunch of what look to be pretty cute antique shops along the riverfront in Bay City? They are in a neat part of the downtown area. I was there last week for work and meant to ask you.

And thanks for all of the kind words! You're the best. ♥