Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer Festivals and Peach Pie Forgotten

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a lovely holiday weekend so far. Yesterday after work, Jon and I went to Arts, Beats and Eats in Royal Oak. It was pretty cool. I wasn't feeling that great, so I didn't participate in the Eats portion of the festival. But we did see a lot of great art and craftsmanship and there was music playing all over so it was a good time.

(Handcarved, handpainted froggie - solid wood and heavy!)

Today we went to the Romeo Peach Festival. It's the first time we've been. It's a lot more "homey" kind of show - more crafts and things like that. Which was nice. And you'd think we'd come home with some peaches from the Romeo Peach Festival - the main street was lined with folks selling homemade pies and jams. We forgot. Ugh. So we'll have to go back tomorrow. :) Mmmmm...fresh peach pie!

We did buy some gifts for family (Christmas is coming - eeek!), and Jon got a couple of really nice handmade, real natural-looking benches for the house. (Here is Moe modeling my favorite one for you.)

And then we picked up his dad and we went to a couple of sales - barn sales, yard sales - and stopped at Frontier Town.

Some great antiques. As usual. These vintage suitcases were awesome!

I really wanted a couple, but I have so many projects going on right now it's ridiculous. Someday though, I'd like to get a suitcase, separate the halves, and create a couple of raised catbeds for the boys. I'm sure you've seen them around - too cute! I'd use some old turned furniture spindles for legs.

My major purchase of the day...

And this old motor bike was too awesome not to share.

I'll be back soon to share my progress on Clarence the Crow. I've got about half the pattern done so far and I bought the main fabric for him a couple days ago. Have fun and be safe this weekend!

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annette said...

You're right that motorbike is awesome!