Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bad Blogger! Bad!

So it's been kinda hard for me to find time to get any blogging done lately. I really feel guilty and miss this space when I'm away.

But what have I been doing?
  • Churning out birdie ornaments like a mad-woman for the holiday show.
  • Working on different parts of my craftroom - it's all starting to come together. I'll update you on that later this weekend. (See? Now that I told you that - I'll HAVE to get my butt back on here and post some pics.)
  • Dealing with some cat drama - first they decided to get fleas. Great. Then they decided that they're not going to get along (and that is the thing that worries me most b/c they've been best buds up to this point. I don't know if it's b/c Moe is maturing, or the fleas are putting them on edge or what...any insight would be most appreciated) so their normal rough & tumble sessions have been turning into actual brawls, complete with minor injuries. Cooper's gotten two real scratches on his little pink nose. And when I went to clip his nails, I found one of them split, a little bloody, with Moe-hair in it. And cat's don't like anything on their feet, you know, so trying to treat that was interesting.
Ugh. But we did manage to get some pumpkin fun in the other day!

Cooper helped, of course. Don't be scared's my design:

Ooooo! And here's mine and Jon's together! :)

Cool, huh? Have you carved your pumpkins yet?

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