Monday, October 25, 2010

Craft room update

Here I am! I know, I know. Technically it's not still this weekend so technically I'm in trouble - but my camera actually died in the middle of my craftroom photoshoot so at least I have a valid excuse, right? Off the hook? Pheww! Thanks. :)

Now, these pictures are kinda gross because I haven't quite figured out the lighting situation for this room so I had to take them with the flash on. But you get the general idea.

Here's the one side of my room with all my fabric folded and sorted (woohoooo!!) and a few of my favorite things out and about:

And here's my happy little crafting corner:

...which I haven't actually used yet. But I can't wait to! Doesn't it look so cozy scrumptious?

And yes, the big fat crochet rug has been moved. Unfortunately, my other half does not have quite the same tastes as I do. They're pretty much opposite sides of the spectrum actually. But not a problem because this rug adds a great punch of color to the room.

I was kinda worried about the wall color after I finished painting because it's pretty subdued for me (btw, it's really not as orange as it appears - it's a nice warm brown/tan really). I was originally thinking like maybe a yellowy greeny color like here. Or this great bright blue color I kept seeing, like here and here. But after considering that I was going to be spending the majority of my time in there, I decided to go with something a little less jazzed up and more neutral and calm. And I really like it.

The room's still pretty sparse because I haven't put up any pictures/art yet, but that'll wait. I have to get some actual crafting done now in my crafting room. In the meantime, here are just a couple of my favorite spots so far:

Knowing me though, all this could change in a month. I tend to be a bit neurotic when it comes to organizing things. I was the kid who would have all her books alphabetically arranged on the shelf. Closet color coded. Collectibles in order of purchase date. Etc.

And I still have to show you my desk project! Geesh. Soon!

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