Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Gang's All Here! (or...there, rather)

It's official. I worked my buns off and today I signed the contract and *sniff*sniff* dropped them all off. I'm really happy about this whole thing (well, except for maybe the having to actually part with all my plushies part - my BABIES!! Eeek!).

In being a part of this thing, I feel like, for the first time, I'm getting positive feedback for my work from people who don't "have" to give it to me. I mean, friends, family and some co-workers really like my stuff. But they have to deal with me on a regular basis. And it's totally not that I don't believe them or anything like that, but you can't help but think, "What else are they going to say?", you know? Being asked to participate in this gift gallery is so fulfilling. And I'm so happy/grateful/excited for it.

For any local readers, please stop by if you can. It won't be just me there of course - the whole gallery will be filled with local artists' handmade goods from paintings to jewelry to scarves to plushies! It's in downtown Rochester at the Paint Creek Center for the Arts. The show opens on November 19th at 7pm (the only ticketed event day), then there's a special discount sale the next day on the 20th, and it will run until December 31st.

Oh, and through all this hoopala I bet you thought I've forgotten about Clarence, haven't you? By the current state of disarray my house is in, and the actual meals (or lack thereof) that have been prepared around here lately, I wouldn't blame you at all for thinking that. Nope, not one bit. But you'd be wroooooong! :) They're not done (I'm thinking about knees...) but check out his little crow feet!!


Absolutely Small said...

Hey, congratulations! That's a huge group of plushies to drop off. There's nothing quite like outside recognition. It's sort of like...crack! Or something else that's addictive. ^_^

Cassandra said...

Thank you! I know - it was a little nerve-wracking dropping them all off. Ha! I know what you mean. I hope to get more of it - a lot more - soon!

angeloverlooked said...

Very cute!

I stopped by after seeing your comment on my blog to make sure you were able to get my response, and I love these little plushies!

I know what you mean about feeling like friends and family might not be telling the whole truth :p It's always nice to get good feedback from others, particularly people you don't really know. Keep up the good work!