Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gift Gallery Photos and Happy Sunday

Hello there!  So the gift gallery opening was awesome!  I was so so so happy to have not only Jon accompany me, but his wonderful, supportive parents came as well.  Then my girl friend and her mom stopped by (and made off with some sweet finds!) and then! total surprise for me - my coworker friend Katie stopped by too!  How nice was that?!  (Sorry, I'll try to scale back the !!! - but it was just so fun and I was really really happy about it all.)  I want to extend (again) a personal, sincere THANK YOU! to you guys.  I'm so happy you could make it out and I really love that you were there on opening night - because you totally didn't have to do that (the show runs for the next two months) but you did anyway.  (They must like me or something, huh?)  :) :) :)

So here's me grinning like an idiot with some of my plushies on display.  (Bucky found a good home that night!  Eeee!!!  Thanks Kristin's mom and Kristin!)

Here's the display tree where my birdies are in good company showing off their cheery holiday goodness.

And the showcase wall where Quigley stands tall.  *sniff* I'm such a proud mama.

There were so many goodies there.  I really wanted like, pretty much one of everything.  (Ugh - just realized I forgot to get any shots of the lower level.)  But I got a gift for my sister (shhhhh!) and some local handmade soap and Jon and I bought a gift for his mom and a beautiful handblown glass ornament for our tree.  Actually, I think I might display it year round in a window or something - it's really pretty.

And the food was good too.  They had deserts from a couple different local bakers.  Actually really local.  We found out one was right around the corner from us, located out of Romeo.  And the other, Holy Cannoli, is actually run by the daughter of the owner of a local antique shop we go to.  Small world.  :)

So overall, it was a great night.  I have a feeling though, that those who came opening night were mostly either the artists, regular members of the gallery, or friends/family.  So the real shopping probably started yesterday morning (when admission was free and the sale was going on).  So I'll have to pop back in there next week and see if they need any restocking of Pooknflip goods.  (I hope I hope I hope they do!) Which means I need to get busy.

Oh!  And it's a happy Sunday (b/c Sunday's are usually not my favorite) because my niece and her hubby are coming over for dinner.  I'm cooking meatloaf, asparagus, sweet potatoes and smashed redskin potatoes.  Mmmmmm.  And they're bringing dessert!  I'll try to remember to take some pics...


PoetessWug said...

Everything sounds like it went great!! I'm very happy for you!! And I'll be waiting to see pictures of the meatloaf too! ^_^

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much!

Ummm....I'm sorry to say though, there will be no pictures of the meatloaf afterall. Totally forgot! NOM NOM NOM! :)