Sunday, November 14, 2010

The latest finds

I really get a serious hankerin' for some antiquing sometimes. And I'm really lucky to be with someone who shares that love.  So we've been making the rounds around here lately.  A couple of thrift stores.  Some of the local antique shops.  A little bit of ebay.  :)  And here are the latest finds!

A couple of most excellent tin toys (love love love tin toys!) from the 50s-ish.  The fish winds from the bottom and when you let him go, he goes swims around in little half circles and his eyes roll around.

A pair of wall hangings from 1966.  I was thinking about putting these in the shop...but I really like them.  And you would almost never notice, but they're both missing a piece.  So they might just stay living in my craft room. I love the colors and all the detail.

An awesome cow bell from Frontier Town.  Well - not a bell that a cow would wear of course, but a bell, with a longhorn cow mount.  Pretty sure it's cast iron.  It's super heavy and is going on the side of the house.  I'm going to ring it at Jon when he's out working in the yard and dinner's ready. :)

This strainer will soon be the new home of my staghorn fern.  

A book that I remember from my childhood but had long-since forgotten.  I had to grab it.  

A super cute little mouse ornament from Town Hall Antiques.  Probably 60s?  

And a gentleman goose!  Painted by some darling artist out there.  How adorable is he?!  

Seriously.  A pocketwatch?  And spats!?  I could not leave him.  I hope someday that the thrifting faerie will smile upon me and I'll find his mate.  I'm sure he had one at some point. 

And it's hard to pick favorites with all these seriously awesome finds...but just last night I found this...

Isn't it beautiful?  I love it more everytime I look at it.  It's small.  The painting is only about 7"x5" or so.  I'd say it's in the original frame still too.  I haven't (am scared to) take the canvas out of the frame to see if there's a signature hiding on it somewhere.  So I have no idea who the artist is. (Anyone know?)    There are a couple of spots where the paint has come off (the three white spots you might be able to see) so I'd kinda like to look into restoring it.  Anyone have any experience with getting a painting restored?  


PoetessWug said...

You've got some really cute finds there! The goose is adorable, but I really love the painting. I wish I did know someone who restored paintings...but alas, I'm no help to you. I think it looks just fine like it is though. It looks like it's been loved! :-)

Cassandra said...

Thanks! Yeah - I wonder whose it was before me. And when it was finished. Or when it was started for that matter too. I love old stuff. :)