Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Rewind

Hello blogland!  I hope your holiday season is going splendidly.  Our Christmas went off without a hitch.  Which was wonderful.  Unfortunately (or fortunately! depending on how you look at it), I get wrapped up in the moments though and only remember to take pictures sporadically.

I think I mentioned our plans before, but to recap - we hosted Christmas breakfast, the opening of the presents, and Christmas dinner at our house this year.  It was soooo much fun.  And a lot of work.  But everyone was so happy and had a good time and the food was great and I love everyone!  :) I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  I didn't get any pics of dinner.  But I did get a couple of my Christmas crafts done before Saturday - so that was cool...

I got my snowflakes cut and hung.  When was the last time you made cut out snowflakes??  When I was making mine, I started to think about it and I couldn't even tell you when the last time was....years, for sure.  When I was done, I coated them all with ModgePodge and tied thread to them so we can use them again and again.

I also found this cool little origami star project on  Here's the blog link.

Please excuse the bad flash pic.  I made mine with red and green magazine paper and put it in one of my vintage center pieces.  I kinda forgot to put the beads on....but it still turned out really well for a first try.  Be warned -this one is kinda tedious and takes a lot of finagling to get it together right in the end.  But it's super cute.

And the boys enjoyed themselves thoroughly of course.  They are the only "grandsons" in this family so they are quite spoiled at Christmas. :)  Moe thinks this centerpiece needed a little more fluffy...

Cooper surveying his sunroom-turned-xmas-central.  Ever watchful, ever the center of attention.  My little boss-man.

I'm off work for the week again starting tomorrow after lunch.  So I hope to get a lot of work done on Clarence in my down time.  No real big plans for New Year's 'bout you?

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