Saturday, December 11, 2010

Couldn't leave 'em behind

Yesterday I stopped off at one of our local Sal's (which have been busting at the seams with great vintage Christmas stuff this year!) and picked up a couple of absolutely necessary (read: totally didn't need them, am blowing my decor budget, was welcomed home with Jon rolling his eyes...) items.  (Btw - sorry for the crappy flash-ladden pictures.  It's dark before I even get home anymore.  Therefore, you get sub-par photos.  Ugh.)

I seem to have a kitschy little theme going here, don't I?  If you hate them b/c they're old and funny and juuuust slightly on the homely side...then I love them for the very same reasons.  :)

I don't know what it is about wooden rocking horses...but I adore them!  I feel a bit of a habit coming on, starting with that guy ^ .

And this little lady?  She's just a doll!  HA!  Pun entirely intended.  (Sorry, you probably couldn't have helped yourself either.)  Anyway, when I got her home, I realized she's made (her face/hands) from pantyhose!  Do you remember those?!  Then I imagined that there was some parallel universe me kinda gal from back in the day sitting in her kitchen with a kettle of tea on and her supplies scattered 'round her, munching on sugar cookies and sewing this little ginger-haired sweetie up.  I love her.

Do you have a favorite Christmas decoration you acquired somewhere over the years?

Oh, and that same night, I had to get my sister/nephew/dad's Christmas presents ready for shipping today.  So of course, I had a really great helper.

Thanks, Coop.


PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I almost didn't read today's post because I don't celebrate Christmas. But I know you have other things in your posts sometimes, so I kept reading. Boy! Am I glad I did!!! Those photos of helpful Coop will keep me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I hope you don't mind if I share. :-))

Cassandra said...

Absolutely -share away! Everyone could use a bit of Coop in their lives. Glad you stopped in for this one then b/c I love when he makes other people smile. He cracks me up all the time, but I tend to think it's just cuz he's my baby. ;)

Shawna said...

We had a some similar rocking horse ornaments in our Christmas box when I was a kid....I wonder whatever happened to them, but they went missing years ago along with these totally cheesy elves you were supposed to tuck into the branches of your tree. Anyway, I love your kitschy purchases.... nice to know there is someone out there other than me buying some of this stuff.

Thanks for sharing the pic of Coop covered in packing peanuts...that just made my day.

Cassandra said...

Those elves are so cool! I don't remember them from my childhood - but I did pick one up at an antique store recently (if I remember - I'll include him in that upcoming post).

I know! I feel like, if someone doesn't love this frequently flocked, funny-faced, silly part of our past - it'll be gone forever.

Cooper's always good for a laugh - he's glad to oblige. ;)