Sunday, December 5, 2010

Girly Night!

Hello my bloggie lovelies!  Oooooo, sometimes a good ol' fashioned girl night is just what you need.  Not like, an out on the town girly night.  I'm not that kinda girly.  I'm talking good food, baking, face masks, some movies and a crochet circle shared with a couple of super-cool chicas.  Blissssssss!

Last night, the guys went out to a monster truck show...(*snicker* yeah, I know, I didn't think he was actually serious when he told me either)...and I invited a couple of my favorite crafty hippie chicks (H & KL) over for a sweet night in.

The night's events?

We had good food...

(chicken, romaine, spinach, cucumber, sprouts, tomato, mushroom salad)

...then H baked some cupcakes for dessert (sorry no pics of those little devils).  Then we whipped up some face masks from a recipe I found and watched How to Train Your Dragon.  :)  With our then newly nourished faces, we threw Date Night in and got down to business with some crocheting.

H worked on her scarf for the Special Olympics Scarf Project that she and I are participating in (info here and here) while I helped KL brush up on her crochet skills so we could try out some Amigurumi critters from a new book she picked up.  We worked on a squid.  Cute!  And I'm proud to say, KL has not only graduated from Amigurumi apprentice - she is well on her way to Master of those little critters!  Wooohoo!

I'll be back later with the face mask recipe!


PoetessWug said...

How fabulous!! I love girlie time with my sisters under the skin!! Add a little food, a good movie, AND crocheting and you almost have the perfect day!...ALMOST! :-) Looks like you guys had a good time. made me remember...It's about time for my next girl's day too!! ^_^

Cassandra said...

It was a blast. How wonderful that you have your sisters to do a girlnight with! Hope you gals have lots of fun!