Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Midnight Madness...and then some

So Friday night we went to "Midnight Madness" which is apparently an annual event in downtown Romeo where all the shops stay open til, you guessed it, midnight! and there are lots and lots of sales to be had by all.  Plus, you can wear your jammies if you want!  (Which I was going to do, but changed my mind last minute b/c I didn't want to get them dirty trecking around to all the stores.)

So we bundled up and drove downtown.  Still have a couple of hard-to-buy-for people left on the Xmas list - so we were hoping to remedy that, on top of just having some fun.  We started at one of our favorite local antique shops - Town Hall.  There were so many vintage Christmas items!  I was kinda flipping out.

I mean, they always have really cool finds - but to see so many Christmas pieces in one spot!  I love the history.  The tradition (both remembering mine from childhood and adopting new ones that tickle our fancy).  The simple funny sweetness of the decor people used back then.  Neato.

Some of my favorites....the flocked Santas with fuzzy beards.  I really wanted one - but couldn't find one that was just right.  And that leaves me something to hunt for next year.  Eeeee!  I also love the little paper houses.  With glitter/snow roofs and tiny trees and little "stained glass" windows.  How cute would a whole tree of those look??  

This guy is almost too creepy.  But not quite.  (Boy did we see some seriously weird creepy santas - you know the type.  Eeesh!)  He didn't come home with us - but he's pretty cool so I had to share.  He's big too - size of a small toddler.  A fat, old, semi-creepy, toddler sized santa.  (Sometimes, even I think the stuff I like is weird.)

And the knee-hugger elves!  Now, this is one of the traditions that is not from my childhood - but they are so darling - I had to have one.  There were so many cute ones - all different colors and outfits it was hard to pick just one.  And I may feel another collection coming on.  Don't tell Jon.  

Here's mine, along with just a couple of our other finds of the night.  (PS: the train still works and has the greatest "WE'RE CAREENING OFF THE TRACKS! AHHHH!" motion to him.  I think it was called the ZigZag Express.  Very cool.)

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