Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Making pizza - second attempt

K.  So this time, after chatting with my pizza sensei, I decided to roll the dough out instead of pushing it out by hand like last time.  (See dough recipe here.)  So roll and roll I did.  I made this one as thin as I could with the size of the pan I had to work with.  And when it fell over the edges, I just folded it back on with my fingers making for a nice little crust around the edges. :)

I really wanted to try a veggie pizza this time - so I quick steamed some broccoli...

...and added tomato and crumbled feta cheese.  Drooooool.



Absolutely delicious.

How do I know?  "Wow, this is much better than your last one!"  And he helped himself to seconds. :)  It really was a lot better.  Thinner crust is the way to go.  And I used about 16 oz of shredded "pizza" cheese.  Which had a delightful chew to it - and an especially rich flavor around the edge where it was well done.  So so good.  I'm definitely doing this again.  So easy.  Like I said - if you are scared of "dough from scratch" like I was - try this.  You'll be a pizza master in no time.

Incidentally...some visitors we had this weekend.

What's funny is, I have never, in the year since Jon moved in, ever seen mourning doves around here.  And about a week or so ago, I saw three of them under the feeder.  Then Sunday, there they were, all fluffed up in the tree.  (It was really cold that day.)  I betcha it's the same group.  Aren't they adorable?!


PoetessWug said...

All kinds of good looking stuff in this post! Pizza and mourning doves!! Nice post! :-]

Cassandra said...

Thanks! I'm actually eating leftovers today for lunch. Bonus!