Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miss Petunia Merryfeather

Check out my latest custom order, y'all!

Miss Petunia Merryfeather - a custom request by the lovely Katie.  Not only is Petunia the sweetest...Katie is the sweetest!  Thanks Kataaay.  I hope you and the girls love her!

Now off to work on another custom request for Shawna!  I'm really feeling the love lately.  With customers like you guys, I won't need any other ones!  Well...I mean...if anyone has some custom plushie needs - I'd be super glad to whip something up with you.  That'd be cool too.  The more the merrier, right?  Anyway, Miss Pippa has got most of her parts ready to go.

A scrumptious wool coat, a cute little floral bum, some great fuzzy ears and a cute pinky tummy.  (Hmm...fyi, Pippa's showing a little more purply on my screen than real life I think.)  Now, where to find just the right buttons...

(And Cooper is definitely ready to help with such serious business as button eye choosing.  So don't worry.  I know you were all worried.  But don't.  Cuz he's on it.)  :)


PoetessWug said...

I've got a stash of buttons too! They work wonders on a whole lot of things, don't they?! ^_^ Very nice job! Can't wait to see Miss Pippa finished too!

Cassandra said...

Oh yeah they do! And these are only the ones that have been hand picked for plushie eye possibilities. I have four or five other jars with different "categories". I try to stay organized where I can. :)

Thank you for your compliment on Petunia. She's the first "girly" plush I've gotten to do. Fun!

Katie said...

Oh, you are just the best. And yes, the girls LOVE her. As soon as Tess saw her, she said, "MOM! Did we get a new owl?!" She wasn't so happy when I told her that Miss. P wasn't going to be living in her bedroom. ha.

SOFIA said...