Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aaron has arrived.

And I simply adore him!  He is beautiful.  He's better than I thought he'd be.  I'm sooo glad he's mine. :)

But lemme back up...I recently discovered this little shop on Etsy called Olive & Earth Knits run by the talented Ms. Jody Lew.  I immediately fell in love with her art dolls.  She also does really cute illustrations, among other things.  So I contacted her just to tell her how much I loved them and to ask her if she had anymore in the works.  She is super sweet and convo'ed me back and suggested a trade!  A trade!  How fun! and how funny too, because I was just talking to Clarence's mom (who also has an Etsy shop, btw) about how awesome I thought the world would be if we all worked on trade.  Like everyone actually had a skill and could trade their work for other's work and it would be a glorious utopia of peace and love and skill-trading.  Ahhh.  :) But I digress...

Anyway, so Jody picked her favorite beaver and off went Josephine and here is my brand new Olive & Earth original!!!  Do you love him?  I highly recommend you get one.  I mean, I'm of the camp that everyone should collect plush & art dolls, but maybe that's just me.  So don't get one if you don't want.  But I still highly recommend you do. ;)


PoetessWug said...

I love your enthusiasm for plushies!! :-] I'm afraid I can only enjoy your joy for them though. My 'Wuglyee Bear' is the only art doll of sorts in my life. I think he would have it stay that way too! ^_^

Ornaments by Pink said...

Hi Cassandra, he is a cutie!
I'm a new follower here.
Have a nice day!

Cassandra said...

Wuglyee is indeed a character. I don't think I would argue with him on being the one and only then. :)

Welcome, Mary! Thanks for coming by!

Becky said...

When I saw the thumbnail on my Blogger dashboard, my first reaction was he looked like he came straight out of Yellow Submarine! :D Very adorable.

Cassandra said...

Lol! I can totally see that, Becky. :) I love him. I love Olive & Earth's work.