Sunday, February 13, 2011

Antiquin' on our lazy Sunday

Jon and I went over to Town Hall Antiques today.  I've told you about it before.  We go probably about once a month or so.  Just to get our "bygone era" fix and see if anything new has come in.

They're currently having a Valentine's sale - there were lots of really cute vintage valentines.  I loved this one especially - it fans out and is meant to stand on a table or something.

Isn't it adorable?  I love old valentines. 

Aside from that, I was really drawn to a few great folksy/Scandinavian/Dutch-y pieces - like this adorable couple:  

If I needed a pair of hard working, stern-looking folk artdolls - these would be mine already.  Alas - I've decided I can't buy everything, just because I like it.  (Or maybe Jon decided that - either way, it's true.)  

I loved the colors in this ^ display.  Lots of bright yellows, reds and that great vintage seafoamy green.  And I fell in love with this coffee pot...

Sadly, again, I just don't need it.  Try as I did, I couldn't figure out any reason to bring it home with me.  But it's really cute, isn't it?  And perfect condition.  Sigh.

I didn't come home entirely empty-handed though!  I found some great! vintage fabric.  

Town Hall usually doesn't have fabrics - so I was surprised, and really excited, to find them.  There was quite a nice little stash and I would've taken home a lot more, but buying vintage fabric from an antique store does not really coincide with my thrifty nature.  So my two favorites was the limit. :)  

And I also found this adooooorable little cuckoo clock!!

Look at the little mushrooms!  And all the hand painted details!  And it just about fits in my hand it's so little.  Could you die?  Jon did not share my enthusiasm for this one.  So my mini cuckoo collection (Jon's dad gave me one a little while ago - and I hope to find a couple more this summer at the shows) will probably be hung in the craft room.  I love it!  

PS: I just finished some pants for Eustace!!  I'll come back and show you soon.  Until then - I'm off to work on his shirt.  Ooooo, little clothes!

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PoetessWug said...

You're right about the coffee pot. It's so cute!...And somehow I KNEW you would find some vintage fabric in there somewhere!! :-)