Saturday, February 12, 2011

Eustace in all his nakey glory!

Eeeeeeeee!!!!  Are you so excited?!  Look at him!  He's all together and stuff!  And don't be trying to peek at his naughty parts....well, not that he actually has naughty parts...but don't be peekin behind his loinleaf anyway.  I just didn't think it fitting for a grown man doll to be all completely naked for his internet debut.  Actually, he's not really that modest.  As a matter of fact, he told me that he did one of those naked "polar bear" dips up in Canada once with a group of his caravan buddies.   (Apparently he and a group of friends caravaned across the U.S. in their Airstreams in their younger days too.  He seems pretty adventurous, from what I'm finding out now that he has a mouth.)

I may have some small adjustments to make still.  I have to give him a once over to see that he's up to snuff.  And then I'll send him over to Quality Control (aka: Jon - my second pair of perfectionist eyes) to pass inspection.  But I just couldn't wait to share with you so far!!  Next step - clothes!


PoetessWug said...

What loin leaf?!!...^_^ He's got a HEAD!!

Liz said...

Cassandra, I never thought you would get into suggestive internet photography.. LOL! Just kidding! I love Eustace! Right from his lil nose stitching, to the detailed stitches you put in his ears. Even his rosy cheeks are testament to his arctic endeavors! He's super cool. I showed Devlin your other post to explain to him how you hand-make a stuffed creation. He was super excited about it once the idea clicked into his mind and a huge smile came over his face, lol! One day... You will be famous. It's like the beginning of build-a-bear. You should start recruiting other individuals that you know are just as imaginitivly-creative (yes I made that expression up). Cuz you know your best selling advantage is going to be that it didn't get pooped out of a machine. :)

I believe in you San-Rae Stoop! <3

Cassandra said...

Lol - awww, thanks, Sis. And I'm glad Devo likes him too! Maybe I'll make him something for his fast-approaching bday. (What would he like? Text me!)

Slowly but surely, slowly but surely. :)