Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eustace is too sexy for his shirt

Well he's that sexy for at least another day or so.  At least he has pants now.  Which fit him perfectly, I might add.

I have most of the shirt  done actually.  I just have to sew the sleeves on.  And I finished those today during my lunch hour at work. :)  And then I have to hope this whole thing looks and fits like a shirt when it's done...because I've never made a shirt in my life.  Let alone a little mini-sized one.  This is what I've got so far:

Except for, like I said, I finished the cuffs on the sleeves today, so they're lookin a bit better than ^.  The collar of Eustace's shirt is actually made of the sleeve cuff of the shirt I took this fabric from.  So that saved me a lot of shaping and stitching there.  And then the "vest" part of the shirt is just from the sleeve, as well as the arms.  I took me a couple fittings with Eustace.  But he's a patient kind of guy, so it was alright.  Progress, people, progress!!  And I'm loving him loving him loving him!!

Right now I'm waiting for Jon to get home.  He's bringing us BWWs for dinner.  Mmmmmm!  And then it's off to the craftroom!  I'm hoping to get to his boots tonight!

Oh, and PS, yes, that's Beauty and the Beast in the background.  I was watching it while I sewed. <3

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PoetessWug said...

He's coming along nicely! :-)