Sunday, February 6, 2011

I won I won I won!!!

Ohmigoodness, I can't tell you how excited I was when the gals at the Green Eyed Monster blog contacted me last week to tell me I had WON!!! this awesome Slit Neck Tee from BePresent, Inc.  And I am not one of those people who wins stuff, so I was super stoked!  And yesterday, it came!!! 

Please excuse the half-cocked, high-flash photos.  Lets just say photography is not in Jon's career future.  Although I do appreciate his efforts. :)
It's absolutely gorgeous.  So soft.  So comfortable.  So well-made.  I absolutely love it.  And get this: it's made of 95% Tencel which is "a biodegradable fiber produced using wood pulp from farms that practice sustainability".  How cool is that?!  And I love the company's philosophy "to exist in the current moment" & "to be inspired by life".  If you're feeling in the shopping mood, please go to the BePresent website and check out the goods.  

And if I could jump up on my soapbox for a moment, I'd like to address an issue that came up when my other half, exclaimed, "Pssssh, I don't care how unbelievably cute that shirt is, it's not worth that much!"  (Ok, so maybe he didn't say the whole "unbelievably cute" part - close enough.)  As you're browsing the site, keep in mind, the clothes that we're used to seeing in department stores and places like Walmart or Target, are generally cheaply made, and done so outside of our country.  The people making those clothes are usually grossly underpaid.  It's unethical.  And it creates a big carbon footprint shipping these goods.  (Not that I have anything against goods made outside the U.S. - I just think supporting our local businesses more than we currently do would be a healthy step for our country, both environmentally and economically speaking.  And I think that'd hold true for any country.)  Also, BePresent (and other like-companies) have invested a lot of extra time and expense to build and maintain the farm and processes used to produce the goods they make - the material itself is far more expensive.  No cheap chemically processed fibers here.  In short, similar to organic foods - there's a lot more expense involved in superior/more environmentally friendly/healthier goods.

As I got older, I started getting interested in and did a lot of research on the concept of "planned obsolescence" in our world.  It's bullhucky. 

I, for one, believe that buying from "companies who care" is definitely a worthwhile expense.  I also believe that investing in good clothing is not only smart money-wise, but is also better for our planet, as they won't fall apart in a year and have to be tossed into a landfill.  When I hit it rich, I will unquestionably buy all of my clothing from companies with environmentally sound practices.  Until then, I'll continue to buy second hand, make do, and make my own.  And I love it.  

And a big fat THANK YOU to GreenEyedMonster and BePresent!  And thanks to YOU, lovely reader, for listening. :)

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