Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow days call for snow boots

Woke up this morning to about 8" (or more!) of snow on our recently-melted landscape.  Seriously?  Could we call it good with the snow already?!  I'm so ready for spring.  Like, beyond ready.  I might cry.  Not really...maybe I'll just move to Brazil though.  Anyway, I think the plow guy might've made a quick swipe sometime in the night...before the last 7 1/2" fell, looks like.  Ugh.  And our driveway?  Yeah, right.

Oh well.  The day will not be a loss, of course.  Just means more time for me to work on my projects!  And what better thing to work on during a snow day than some seriously cute boots!?

They're getting there.  Slloooowwly but surely.  I have no idea where I'm gonna find laces.  I'm sure I've got something in the's kind of a matter of finding it though.  I'm pretty sure I've got some leather laces (in my jewelry supplies).  But I'd rather use a more rope-like material, since the whole boot is already made from leather scrap.  And I want those little tabby things on the ends like real shoes.  What do you think?


random thoughts do or di said...

My son lives in Brazil

PoetessWug said...

The boots are really cute. Yeah, rope will look nice. :-] I'm amazed at how much work you're putting into Eustace. The eyelets put into the leather on the boots must have been fun!...NOT!! LOL But all the hard work is paying off!...And UGH! to the snow! We got more today and last night too. Let's hope that's the last of it!! That stuff is going to scare off Spring! ^_^

Cassandra said...

I bet it's beautiful there, Diane! He's a lucky guy.

I know - by the time I'm done with him, I'm not going to want to put him up for sale! I have a grommeting tool - so it wasn't to bad, actually. :) I second your UGH. Dumb ol' snow.

xstitcher said...

Hi Cassandra! Stumbled on your blog, and your stuff is adorable! I love this doll Eustace! The boots are so creative! Even though snow is horrible, at least it give you time to craft!

marathon1981 said...

yes, the grommets totally make the boots (: But that bright trim makes me want a pair for meee!!