Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vests are best!

Eustace is now quite stylin' in his vest.  As I mentioned, it's made of some great vintage fabric I found a while back.  I've been waiting for a really great reason to break into it.  And this vest is just perfect in this material.

I basically tried to pattern it after the shirt.  It came together pretty easily.  I had to re-work the V in the front a couple times but other than that - pretty smooth.  And by pretty smooth, I mean I didn't toss the whole project and stomp out of the craftroom in a rage.

Here's my process for making a Eustace vest:

  • Trace existing shirt onto paper.  
  • Shape into vest - not shirt. 
  • Cut out.  
  • "Try on" Eustace.  Not right.  
  • Trace wrong vest pattern on new paper with corrections.  
  • Try on Eustace.  Not right.  Ugh.  
  • Repeat.  Ah.  Pretty good this time.  
  • Cut fabric - leaving seam allowance....aaaand a little wiggle room just in case "pretty good" isn't good enough.  (Do I know me, or what?)
  • Try it on Eustace.  Not quite right.  (Told ya.)
  • Cut some wonky areas.  
  • Try on Eustace.  Thank goodness - looks like it's gonna work.  
  • Skip the front for now - go sew up the edges b/c I'm getting sick of drawing vest outlines and Eustace is sick of trying them on.  
  • Jam sewing machine because teeny tiny vest seam gets stuck in bobbin thingy.  
  • Rip Gently pry material out of machine cursing and demanding begging my machine not to rip my material.  Phew, got it.  
  • Adjust sewing method -try again.  Got it.  
  • Stop.  
  • Turn.  
  • Sew.  
  • Stop. 
  • Turn. 
  • Sew.  
  • Jam.  &@%$#!! 
  • Finish a couple parts by hand.  
  • Done!  Yay!!  
  • Onto the front... 

Again, I like how it turned out.  And I found the perfect vintage button in under 5 minutes!  That might be a record.

Tonight I'm working on his boots since I found some salvaged suede scraps today in the color/texture I was looking for.  If you ever get the chance to try a craft where you sew some suede by hand - DON'T!  Geesh!  I didn't realize how difficult this was going to be.  Oh well.  I think they'll turn out really well at least.  I'll keep you posted!

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Celtic Cat said...

Darling vest! He looks great!