Sunday, March 27, 2011

Girlie Night! A cooking & plarning party.

Last night was so much fun!  A couple of my absolute favorite chickies (and a brand new chicky - I love her already) came over for some cooking and crafting fun.

We decided to try our hand at "plarning" some crocheted bags.  It was a blast.

We had some fabulous helper/supervisors, of course.

After we spent some time chatting it up and cutting our plarn strips, our tummys got to grumbling so we cooked up some grub.  I made a spinach/endive/pear/walnut/blue cheese salad.  

Sooo good.  I'm gonna make another one today.  (And I'll come back soon to post that recipe.)  And Kristin made us a really complicated (from what I was seeing!) tofu stir fry. 

It had a definite kick to it - but the flavor was really yummy.  And Heidi made us a mucho delicioso tequila bar desert!!  Mmmmm.  So good, in fact, that SOME of us....

....may have even been caught with thirds!  ;)  That's the "new" chicky.  Isn't she cute?!  And she loves her some desert like I love me some desert.  Sorry - no pics of the tequila bars.  We scarfed them up too fast.

Then we got back to business. 

Everyone made really good progress.  And after all girlies were gone, I worked on my bag a bit more.  Here's where I am so far...

Not bad, eh?  I can't wait to start on the yellow.  

I really like this project!  For lots of reasons. 
  • We're reducing the amount of trash headed to landfills in the form of plastic bags by reusing them (two R's. Hooray!)
  • The whole thing is really fun, easy, and is a great social activity.  (Actually, new chicky, Amanda said that her mom had actually been to a "plarning party".  So cool!!)
  • You get to make something really cute and useful while saving the planet - and reason 3 part 2 is that there are a TON of patterns and projects you can try out with your plarn.
  • Um.  I don't know what else.  But just getting to create with something called "plarn".  That's reason enough right there. :)
So we had a great time.  I love you girls!!  And I'm off to work on more of my bag. 

Does anyone else have any plarning experience?  Any projects you'd like to share?  And by the way, I feel another tutorial coming on with this one!  Just give me a minute.  Or two.  Or a few weeks. :)


PoetessWug said...

I had never even heard of plarning until I started blogging. I've seen it a few times now, but so far...even though I'll crochet anything!...I've never tried it. Maybe soon...maybe! :-]

radmegan said...

This looks like suuuuch a fun night! Wish I could have joined you! Yummy food AND "Plarning" You guys rule!! Thanks for sharing


Cassandra said...

Try it Debbie! So easy and fun!! And then come tell me how it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by Megan! Wouldn't it be awesome to have a "blog friend party"? :)

marathon1981 said...

the title of this had me intrigued! I've seen these type of bags before but i didn't know they had such a great name! It would be so fun to try amigarumi (sp?) with that stuff! I'm never good at making my crochet very tight though! I had a great weekend with some girls too, felt so good, i'm usually such a hermit

Shawna said...

I hadn't even thought of crocheting items from plastic grocery bags.... though I have take scraps of fabric, torn those into strips and crocheted purses and the like with it. I'll have to give it a try.

Glad you had such a fun evening and were able to make a new friend!

Isabella Kiss said...

plarn is fun stuff. i made a bag a while back. what i didn't like was making all the strips. takes forever! that and it is really tough to actually worth it. I could only do it in small chunks of time or my hands would hurt.

Cassandra said...

@Isabella I know what you mean. Making strips can be tedious - but it is a lot more fun when you have a bunch of wise-cracking chicas to pass the time with. :) What method did you use for cutting?

I found a couple of thicker bags that really didn't work for me either. After I cut them up and tried to crochet them they were too tough to use. I ended up just recycling those parts. :p