Saturday, March 12, 2011

Latest Finds

I should come up with a clever, reoccurring title for my "vintage finds" posts.  Like, Kami - over at Marathon1981 -calls hers simply "Found It".  I want something like that...any suggestions?  Treasure Trip?  Vintage Goodies (the name of the vintage section in my shop).  I dunno.  Something like that.

Anyway...from my latest goodie-hunting trip:

This little guy is awesome.  I LOVE those old oriental looking fish.  The description called this a "dolphin".  I've seen this similar figure in sculptures in a lot of period films. I want to do some more research on it...

Super cute Pyrex plate.  I would love to have a whole collection of these.  A mismatched set as our everyday dishes.
This little fella was too cute to leave.  I think he's adorable.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to keep him or if he should go in the shop...  
This lamp is sweet.  Unfortunately, it's missing its glass globe.   I'm hoping to find a replacement somewhere.
And this beautiful creature is already in the shop!  


marathon1981 said...

these are fab finds! I love the meditation elf and the naked baby riding a fish cup! haha

modish said...

oooh, coveting that lamp! Awesome finds

Cassandra said...

Thanks girlies!

@marathon - Ha! I didn't think of him as meditating - but now that's totally what it looks like he's doing.

@modish - I know! Don't you love it? I've been obsessed with that gorgeous yellow for a while now.