Friday, March 25, 2011

QUESTION - Please let me know what you think!

Hello my lovely readers.  And welcome to all my new followers by the way! 

I thought I'd do a quick survey of sorts here for anyone who has any input.  I'd love to hear what you think! (So if you've never commented before and would like to introduce yourself, or have been sitting back thinking, "Geesh, I wish this girl would _____" - now's your chance!)

I'm looking to add more content to my blog.  Up until now, my posts have primarily been:
  • projects in progress
  • vintage finds
  • Etsy shop updates
  • a few personal "goings-on" (like our pumpkin carving, Christmas plans, my cooking escapades...)
But although I try to post as frequently as I can with these ^ I'd really like to be able to post more often.  So I'm wondering what you guys would like to see more of?  Some options that I've been kicking around:
  • Pinterest-type posts - things I've found online (stylewise, inspirationwise) to share with you just for fun.
  • Links to other blog posts I really like (with the writers' permission of course) - sort of spreading-the-love kinda stuff and introducing you to other artists & crafty bloggers you might not have "met" yet.
  • A lot of blogs I like do things like "Wordless Wednesday" or "This Moment" which consist of just pictures...
  • Etsy seller features (goodness knows I have a list of people on Etsy who I really admire...and not that I have a huge following or anything - but I'd like to know more about them - maybe you would too - and maybe I could get some of them over here for interviews, etc.).
  • "Blast from the Past" - sharing photos & memories from my childhood as a way of, well....reminiscing for me, but also just to share with you.  I hesitate to do this b/c it has nothing directly to do with crafting, my business or anything productive.  But...who knows?  If it sounds good to you... :)
There might be more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head right now.  So whaddya think?  Any other suggestions are very much welcome too!


Another Diamond Day said...

Hi I am Giulia and I blog over Another Diamond Day:

I started blogging a few weeks ago and I love it! The blogging community is so interesting and exciting!

I am into art and Iam a total etsy addicted so I'd be interested in:
1. things you have found online
2. Etsy seller features!

Take care and have a lovely weekend! x

PoetessWug said...

You've really been thinking about this, haven't you?!....Well, I'd like to see all of the above! :-) Especially the last one. I like seeing pictures of what people used to or look like! I've done that on my blog too. In fact I've done almost everything you mentioned on my blog! :-)) I kinda go with what I'm feeling when the day comes. Glad to see other people like yourself have brains that work better than mine!! ^_^ And I can't wait to see what you decide, and where your brain takes us next!

marathon1981 said...

Oh these are great ideas, I love etsy features and seeing people's creative taste .. but I also love little kid stories!

Cassandra said...

Welcome, Giulia, and thanks for the intro!

Thank you for the feedback, ladies! Today I decided I was gonna try an Etsy seller feature so it's already in the works! I'll be working on interview questions this weekend and will hopefully have it up soon. I'm excited!

Keep the feedback coming!

Katie said...

I liked your vlogs lately... maybe you could do more of the tutorials, especially when it comes to cooking? just a though. Or, you could always go the route I REALLY want you to go. Now. :)

I am sure whatever you decide will be just perfect.

Katie said...

Oh, and you should do more art!!! You are an amazing artist/painter!