Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Neighborhood

Earlier this week I went on a little jaunt through our neighborhood on my bike.  I was thinking that the exercise might do some good for my back, which has been majorly tweaking out lately (since our yardwork last weekend).  And although the ride may have actually had the opposite effect on my stupid back, it did do some real good for my soul.

There's a tiny, very old cemetery down the road from us.  It's very sweet and it's alway felt very peaceful there when we've stopped to visit during our walks.  This grave is Mary Crawford's.  She died in 1856.

This is the awesome, ancient tree that lives on the hillside where the cemetery is.  
The root system is awesome.  It's become exposed over the years as our road has grown from path, to dirt road, to gravel... 
Just a happy, wide-open little space.
This is the little river I found at the end of my journey.  Did you know...when you ride your bike somewhere, you have to eventually go all the way back?  Yeah, I'll remember that next time.  I was dead by the time I made it back home.  It's always great to get a friendly reminder of how completely out of shape you are, isn't it?  Ugh.
Found this little Dr. Seuss/Tim Burton swirl in a tree branch on my way back.
I'm so happy Spring has decided that it's here to stay now.  We had quite a few fake outs, but I don't think we'll get any more snow this year.  And that makes me really happy.  I'm ready for some green.  And some warm.  And some smells - sweet spring air and flowers and earth.  Has Spring finally arrived in your neck-o-the-woods?


PoetessWug said...

What a nice outing you had!! And I know what you mean about the going back home thing after you've been captivated by "Oooo! What's around that corner I can take a picture of" waaaay too many times!! LOL And why did you think your back would feel better after doing that?!!! O_0 Anyway, I'm glad to see some fruitage of your backaching journey. Rest now! The path to more pain is always awaiting you for tomorrow! ^_^

marathon1981 said...

what a beautiful neighborhood! It looks so quiet and peaceful where you live. We are still waiting for spring. Today looks like WINTER again cuz there was a snowfall over night and everything is coated again. It will melt in a couple days but it feels like taking a step backwards, I think the geese that just returned are feeling dumb haha

Cassandra said...

I thought getting a bit of exercise and air might make me loosen up and feel better. It was just a bit too much. I won't do that again!

Thanks, Kami. It is very beautiful here. Not as "country" as I'd like ...but at least I'm out of the city and I feel like we're carving out our own little space here. :) Ugh - I'm sending Springy wishes your way!

Katie said...

Do you live in the Upper Peninsula?!?

Cassandra said...

Ha! Very funny Katie. I wish! No. Not quite - not quite do I wish that and not quite do we live there. ;)