Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wishin', and hopin'...and dreamin'

Just a couple of things on my wish list lately.  From Etsy of course...

From JohnWGolden - who is having a sale right now actually!  I love his work.  So cute.  Whimsical.  Fun.  Go check out his shop and scoop up a few goodies!  (He has a blog too.)
Great vintage find from Kami at Marathon1981.  I love love love her shop AND her blog.
While we're at it - Kami makes the most wonderful and original creatures.  I highly recommend checking her shop out - new stuff all the time and her work is so unique!
This artist is a new one on my favorites list - Jonas Sickler.  BEE-U-TI-FUL artist.  He does children's book illustrations among other things.  I love his style.  This is an image inspired by a passage from one of my favorite classics, Heidi.
This is one of my absolute-must-have-someday items. (Actually - I haven't picked a favorite one yet - it's gonna be hard!)  This rabbit is from  Esbert's Collection.  If you are not familiar with her work, do not walk - RUN to her shop and check it out.  I'm beyond infatuated with her critters.  Sigh...someday.  Soon!  (She has a blog too.)  
Another shop I really love.  The jewelry is so sweet and nostalgic.  I will own one of these pieces someday soon too.  These earrings are my current fav.  Although I also really like her "glass nugget jewelry".  
This artist is another just amazing craftswoman.  Her creativity and skill just blows me away.  Her stuff is so neat!  (I'm just waiting for the perfect little dragon baby to call my name!)


marathon1981 said...

What a great list of artists, I LOVE esbert too!! She's got some great style! THanks for the props sweet lady!

Cassandra said...

I know! I can't wait til she gets the rest of her critters back up. (She had a show last weekend, I think, and is slowly re-posting unsold guys.) Drool drool! I can't wait to have one of my very own. :)

You're welcome and anytime! I love your stuff.

Jonas_Illustration said...

Thanks for your wonderful compliment! (#^_^#)