Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heritage Days Show Downtown

So we didn't know it was going on, but yesterday we hopped in the car and headed over to a little art show in downtown Rochester after Jon's dad called us to see if we were coming.  Ha!  We usually do go to all the things like that - but I didn't know about this one - he happened to be at a car show which was part of the same event and thought we might be coming.  Nope - but we're on our way!

It was pretty cool.  It was actually a few events rolled into one.  The car show, like I mentioned, a Harley Davidson something or other, and an art show.  The main attraction though was the Heritage Days part.  They had some reenactments going on, people walking around in period clothing doing demonstrations, lots of raffles/activities to raise money for local organizations like the historical society, etc.  Things like that.  Pretty neato.  Y'all know my love of all things past so I had fun.

They had an awesome dollhouse-type demonstration which was all rigged up to be powered by this one generator spin-y thing in one of the rooms.  (I'm so technically minded and knowledgeable about these things - can you tell?)  It was so cool.  All the little lights lit up and there were tiny little antique phones and tools...

And what was really cool was that the lights they had in one of the work rooms are exactly like the one Jon just bought at a show recently.  I think we might hang it in the dining room.  Do you see them?  The hangy green ones.

The art show was small but good.  I got some handmade soap and salsa.  Delicious!  (The salsa, not the soap.) ;)

I'd love to get some cool garden art this year.  I LOVED these grasshoppers. Aren't they cute!?
We also came home with these great tables.  Jon picked up a couple of gorgeous handmade wooden benches last year.  And these tables were the same kinda stuff.  So beautiful.  We got this one:

And the first one here, on the left.

A parting shot of my honey and his dad toting our treasures to the car. :)


PoetessWug said...

Those tables are so cool!!! I too love darting in somewhere you didn't expect to go, and toting away 'Loot'!!! ^_^

Celtic Cat said...

I haven't been in that show for a few years. Great photos!