Thursday, May 19, 2011

Relay for Life Beaver - Done!

I'm proud of me!  I've been getting some serious stuff done around here lately.  Granted, some of it is just housework - but that needs to be done too!  And it's always satisfying to keep on top of the domestic stuff.  I've also been back on track with my blog postings lately and creatively, I've been pretty busy as well.  I got some work done on my nephew's dragon, and even got a couple things posted in the shop.

But right now, I'm most excited that I finished my donation for the Relay for Life event that's happening locally this weekend!  A co-worker of mine is very passionate about the cause and she'll be participating with her team on Saturday.  A little while ago, she mentioned that they also have a raffle and I was very excited to be able to participate myself in this small way.

Presenting: Jovalee!

She was made with very much love.  And a lot of reflection on the purpose and influence of the Relay for Life event.  It's the American Cancer Society's key event used for fundraising.  I'm very proud to be participating, even in a very little way, in this great cause.  Sadly, cancer is such a prevalent part of our society.  I think pretty much anyone could tell you they know someone or of someone who has been effected by it.  All we can do is try to live healthier lives (give me a second and I'll talk your ear off about eating organic, chemicals in the makeup you might use everyday and how to pick out a good, non-aluminum deodorant) and support those who research ways to fight back against this sickness.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this post to be kind of a bummer.  But like I said, a lot of love and reflection went into Jovalee's creation and I just wanted to share her with you.  I hope that whomever she goes home with this weekend will be very happy and that she brings much joy wherever she goes.

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PoetessWug said...

Jovalee is a cute little beaver. :-) I think you're right about Cancer touching just about everyone too. I've lost a few friends and have others who have survived bouts with it...I'm curious what deodarant you were talking about with no aluminum too. And if it really works! {I've had some issues with them not working because of my hormones} Anyway, have a good rest of the day!

Shawna said...

Ooh, she is adorable! I am sure that someone will just love and cherish this sweet little darling. Its a great charity to support as well...

Cassandra said...

Thanks, ladies!

Debbie: I'm currently using Desert Essence with pretty good results. It lasts pretty much the whole day for me and (TMI warning) I'm pretty sweaty in the pitty department for a girl. The only thing that ever seemed to work for me (before I learned what I learned re: regular deodorant) was that clinical strength stuff.

Anyway, to be honest, as you probably know, leaving behind the aluminum products will take some getting used to - you will probably get a little sweaty now and again. I don't think you can have an "anti-perspirent" without aluminum. Sweating is natural. As long as I'm not stanky - I'm happy with my non-toxic choices.

But I'm still trying different brands. I did find that Tom's is too sticky for me. There are some on Etsy I'd like to try. Anyone else have any suggestions?