Thursday, May 26, 2011

Relay for Life Update

Just wanted to share with you guys the results of the Relay for Life event. My co-worker told me that the event as a whole raised over $47,000!  Isn't that great?!  (I did read an article that said the event raised over $134,000...but that might have been for multiple days/events or something.)  Either way - I think that's awesome.  Of that amount, her team alone raised $1,200!  And Jovalee was a part of that!  Isn't that cool!?

For their raffle, they had a gift basket, one of those presto-chango purses (you know the ones - where you can change the shell..?) which another co-worker donated, and they sold guesses for a "how-many-jelly-beans-are-in-the-jar" game.  And Jovalee, of course.  $1,200.  I was so happy for her and her cause.  And proud.  For them and her...and me. :)  I teared up when she was telling me all about it and how much fun and success they had last weekend.  Hoooray for good people doing good things!!

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