Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Right Snap Atcha!

We are heroes!  Protectors of creatures great and small!  Masters and good stewards of our habitat!  Doot-da-DOOOO!

Jon came home tonight, walked in and said there was a snapping turtle in the middle of the road!

"A snapping turtle!?", said I.

"Yeah, he's trying to cross the road.  He's probably gonna get hit.", all nonchalante, says he.


So up I jumped in my sweatpants and super sexy hair and ran to the garage, hollering the whole time to my other half to move his butt - we had a rescue mission on our hands.  We grabbed a couple shovels, because I'm fond of my fingers - even more so than that snapper might have been - and hopped in the car (it's raining, raining, raining here) and barreled down the road toward our critter in distress!

THERE HE IS!  He almost made it too.  But he was moving so slowly.  And he was right in the road.  And driving up to him, he looked just like a pile of mud and rock.  Clever little camouflager.  :)  But not too clever for a roadside jaunt, buddy.

When we pulled up, we saw that he was actually staring straight at our car (not the right direction for proper road crossing).  So he wasn't too concerned about getting his scaly buns off the road and out of the way of danger.  Just kinda meandering down the side of the road.  It was immediately apparent that our critter-saving skills were desperately needed. ;)

Apparent to Mr. Snapper?  Not so much.  He was not too excited about the idea of a shovel ride to safety.

It's for your own good!  Come on now.  Ha!  You should've heard Jon using his "sweetie" voice with the turtle.  "Comeon little guy.  Comeon little turtle.  Get on the shovel.  Let's get out of the road now."  Heehee.

That last one's a little blurry because I caught him at the end of a "snap".  They really are pretty quick.  And they can lunge a lot farther than you think.  They tuck all inside their shell, and their necks are relatively long, so when they snap all the way out - it's a pretty far stretch.  Jon wouldn't even let me nudge his bum onto the shovel with my foot because he said he'd flip around and snap me in the shin.  Ok, I'll leave it to you then.  

I took a couple of pictures of our rescue-ee safely in the happy little ditch where he was headed, but they didn't turn out.  Like I said, it was all rainy and Jon was buggin me to get back in the car so he could get back and have dinner.  So I was kinda rushed and they were all blurry. 

This whole thing reminded me of when I was little, we lived in Connecticut on quite a bit of land.  We had a private driveway a quarter mile long, and at the end of it, there was a two lane road.  For some reason, there was this massive snapping turtle who, during the summer, frequently insisted on getting in the middle of that road at the T where our driveway was.  So we would all have to load in the car with a shovel and my dad and we'd would go down to get this guy and dump him in our lake so he didn't get smooshed.

Cool, huh?! :)  Do you have any critter rescue stories?


diane said...

we still have the desert tortoise my son found walking down the street 14 years ago. He's a great pet and our grandkids love him.

PoetessWug said...

Awwwwww! 'The Pook Turtle Hunter'. It's got a 'snappy' sound to it! ^_^ Good job hunters!!....And yeah, we have a critter saving story or two. A baby kitten and a baby bird...Neither of them snapped at us though. Just some licks and purrs. :-)

Cassandra said...

That's so cool, Diane! I've actually seen multiple ads on craigslist, etc for our area where people have lost their turtles. Isn't that crazy? I mean - how do people lose their turtles? Glad you rescued it - they're neato!

Glad your experiences were a bit more happy/fuzzy, Debbie!