Monday, May 9, 2011

Show and Tell

Imagine that!  Here I am as promised.  Sometimes I even surprise myself.  On top of that, I got some work done on my donation piece for the Relay for Life event that's coming up:

I am on a roll!  But I really stopped in to show you all the goodies we picked up this weekend.  Most of the stuff we got at the Antique Mart on Saturday.  One of the first things I want to show you is one of my latest interests - "salts" (aka: salt cellars, open salts).

The pretty painted one in the center is my find from this weekend.  It's probably about 1930s.
These cute little dishes come in such a variety of shapes and sizes.  Why do I like them? The history - as usual. :)  It's one of those things that we (society) used to do that we just don't anymore.  Salts were used from about the Middle Ages to around WWII.  Their use declined after that time with the invention of the salt shaker.  Way back in the day, salt was such a rare commodity, it was actually used sometimes as a currency.  In Victorian times, the salt would be placed on the table and the closer you were to it, the higher your social status basically.  I find these old, lost habits fascinating.  I won't bore you with anymore of that though.  (If you are interested - here's a good place to start.)

Jon picked this ^ cabinet up for me as part of a deal he got on this:

...and this:

...aaaaaand this:

Cooper approves.  He's fond of cheese. :) 
Yeah.  Three display cases.  Three rather largeish display cases.  (Three rather largeish display cases that I had to find a place for a day before hosting Mother's Day, mind you.  Ugh.)  I do love them though.  They're quite old.  And very well made - as things were back then.  They were another awesome craigslist find.  The first one is currently serving as our living room table (I hated the old one).  The second, I actually got Jon to let me put some of MY collectibles in. :)  And the third - currently just hanging out in his office, was originally used to showcase big ol' wheels of cheese in a shop.  If you look close (and don't forget - you can always click on the pics for a larger view) - there are little rollers in the bottom of that one for moving that huge chunka dairy product in and out.  The old medic box on top was one of Jon's finds from the antique show.

Here's another one of my treasures:

A super awesome donkey bottle opener!  I love him.  He's neato.  I also got a cuckoo clock at the same place that I got the donkey - but I'll save that collection for another day.

This cool little fishy basically jumped into my bag.

I could not leave him behind and being the happy haggler that I am, I got a good deal on him too.  I think he's brass?  And he has a little metal ball inside of him so he's some kind of bell - but none of us (Jon, me, his dad or the lady at the booth) know what he really is.  Do you?  I'd love to know.  Speaking of fishy things, I got these beautiful charms at one of our regular shops recently and I forgot to show you:

I really love that oriental fish look.  I've heard them called dolphins too sometimes.  These kinda remind me of seahorses.  Either way - I love them.  I'm gonna make myself some earrings.  :)  It's not often I get to make something and keep it for myself.  And last but not least, we picked up a cabinet for the dining room!

It's not actually old.  It's Amish-made from salvaged wood and parts and it has a really neat orange stain. (Which means I get to repaint the kitchen now!)  And our new cabinet, paired with this awesome tablecloth:

...which I swiped up recently for a steal on Ebay, make for a really cute dining room!

What do you think?  (And better yet, what color would you paint the dining room now?)  That about wraps up show and tell for this time, folks.  Thanks for stoppin by.  I've got another interview in the works so check back later!


diane said...

love tht old Amish cabinet. Looks like they used a reclaimed window to make the door.

PoetessWug said...

WOW! These are fabulous "gets"! I really love the glass cabinets! I've been looking for a glass table for the dining room for a while now. We had a large wood one and I couldn't stand it! So, hubby sold it, but BEFORE we got a new one!!! LOL We're eating off of our laps and in the bedroom now! Thankfully we don't have any kids to have to worry about ruining with bad habits! Kids we'd have to tell what a terrible thing it is to carry food to the bedroom!!! ^_^ ... By the way, I think the room should be either a light gold or beige, one of the shades taken from the dining room tablecloth. Love it! :-]

Cassandra said...

That's what we thought too, Diane!

Hmmm...colorwise, I was thinking maybe like a soft aqua blue - more like that vintage robins egg greenish blueish color almost? The one you see on old bikes or kitchen wares. What do you think about that? It currently is like a gold/tan (sponged) color in there and I thought it clashed with the orange now. I'm all about color in a house.

PoetessWug said...

By the way, is there any aqua in the tablecloth?!...I love the idea of an aqua room!! But if something in the room doesn't pick up the color it could look like a "hot mess" (as young folks would say. LOL) But you know what? You do YOU!! If you like it, that's what matters most! :-)