Monday, May 2, 2011

Some springtime sharing

I'm not mentioning one thing about welcoming Spring...we all know what happened last time I did.  So I'll just share some pictures from the last week or so.

This is part of our private drive.  I love forsythia.
Do you see the little bee?
Aren't willows just one of the prettiest trees?
Moe loves sunshine.  As long as it's not too scary out.  I.e.: no loud noises, no swift movements, no neighbors, no cars passing, not too windy, no shovel-carrying, no wheel barrows..... 

Everyone out here seems to have daffodils blooming all along their property.   I think we need to plant some.  Aren't they just the cheeriest things?!
Tiny little flowers popping up all over.

And one of Coopie helping me in the craftroom yesterday just for fun. :)


PoetessWug said...

Awwww! Just beautiful!! And yes, I saw the bee!...Saw the weeping willow trees too. Reminded me of down home. (Georgia) :-] It was nice seeing all of these Spring-like flowers on your blog today!...I said "Spring-LIKE", not "Spring"...just in case! LOL

Cassandra said...

Ha! "Spring-like". :) Better safe than sorry! I half expected to see snow on the ground this morning b/c of this post. It was cold - but no snow. Phew!

Elizabeth said...

I love these pictures, San! Especially the tree stump and the caption on Moe-Moe's celebrity snap-shot. :P Made me giggle. ^_^ Counting down the days till the end of June! :D