Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Utica Antique Market

Holy shamoly!  What a weekend.  Now that I have a second to breathe, I can finally post what I meant to post Saturday afternoon!  Phew!  Jon and I have been running around like maniacs, since last Tuesday really, cleaning and getting ready for today's Mother's Day dinner.  We hosted the party and had two parts of the family come over who have never been here before.  So I really wanted to make a good impression and be sure that everything was clean and just right.  We came close. :)  Close enough.  It was a great time and the house is still sparkling.

Anyway, on Saturday morning, we went bright and early to a local antique show that happens three times a year here.  It's pretty big and there's a huge variety.  We went last year too.  It's definitely a good time.

There were so many cool things there.  I love old hardware...

...and architectural pieces.  They're so inspiring.  I get all sorts of decorating ideas when I see stuff like this.  Don't you?

There were a lot of things that I would've liked to bring home with me.  We can't have everything we like, now can we?  This old bull was so cool.  I'm almost positive it was a Breyer.  Woulda been a neat piece for my collection.

Here's a sweet little table that almost found its way home with me.  I thought it would be an awesome planting table.  I just didn't have that "perfect" spot for it - sadly, no gardening shed for me yet.  And Jon thought it was cool - but wished it was in slightly better shape.  The drawers were pretty dilapidated and the enamel top had one big chip out of a corner. :(

This was a really neat piece that was in a booth that had a lot of tiny antique sewing machines, and old patterns and things like that.  It looks like a sort of practice quilting piece?  I'm not really sure of its original purpose - but it was cute and I was definitely drawn to it.

I love pretty much anything old bicycle-wise.  I don't know much about them yet.  I just love their look and feel.  Maybe subconsciously I like them because of that movie "Now and Then".  (If you haven't seen it - get with the program and see it already. ;) One of my all time favorites.)  It's like the quintessential coming-of-age/friends forever/summer/nostalgic movie.  And all the kids are always on bikes.  They represent freedom.

I'm not a huge glass & nic nac fan really.  But these little creamers were cute.  The fish one was my favorite.  The old gentleman running this booth was a cool dude.  He said he collected them from his travels abroad.

A couple of slightly creepy, yet interesting, characters...

And last but not least...I had to get a picture of this gorgeous old "sink".  Such a beautiful piece!  Almost exquisite really.  The details were so cool.  The pretty little basin with its matching pitcher that stows underneath.  The skinny circular railing (towel holder?) which ran around the outside.  And everything was just so delicate looking.  A lovely, lovely find...that I could never afford or justify the real estate it would take up in the house.

Tomorrow I plan on coming back to show you the fun stuff we did end up bringing home with us.  Until then, I hope you all had a great weekend and a happy mother's day to all you mothers!


diane said...

wow! There are some great finds at your flea markets. Here you just find old clothes...or maybe I don't know where to look. I'll be watching to see what you did buy.

PoetessWug said...

Good finds! Can't wait to see what you DID buy!! :-]

Cassandra said...

I know - great stuff, huh, Diane? It's not really a flea market though - antiquing seems to be big in our area and they have a few shows that are strictly antiques. I think they're pretty picky about the vendors they allow to participate so that means better stuff for me! :) But I know what you mean. It's hard to find a good antique show - seems like that crowd is not really big on the internet thing so advertising tends to be word of mouth.