Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a great weekend.  (I hope you did too!)  I did some weeding around the front yard.  I love working in the soil.  On and for our land.  Then I headed out to a tiny little local library for an "antique and collectibles" sale. :)  It was very small, but cute.  I got a great bangle that the lady had bought in England.  I also got an awesome little paper sculpture and some lip balm made at a local farm.

The paper sculpture was made by a sweet elderly lady who makes each piece herself.  Isn't it super cool - and so intricate?!

Then on a whim, I shot over to our closest nursery - pretty much just to wander around.  I also kinda wanted to see if they had some nice Shasta daisies for my soon-to-be flower bed.  They didn't.  :(

But they did have a lot of other cool stuff!

They had a bunch of gorgeous dahlias.  Big, tall ones like these, and small ones too.

I absolutely can't be bothered with annuals.  I don't know how people have the energy for them.  But they are all quite beautiful.

And my very most favorite section of any greenhouse...

Gorgeous.  And the spoils of my trip...some adorable little poppies - three of them.  

And the coolest staghorn I've seen in a long time.  Look at his "antlers"!

Finally, on Sunday we celebrated Jon's birthday.  We had a great dinner with the family - steaks (I had chicken) with onion and mushrooms, rolls, potatoes, a big fat salad and a glooooorious cake with ice cream for desert. :)

OH!  And I almost forgot!!  Guess what?! really Chompette!  She has three babies that we saw out for the first time today.  Isn't that cool?

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PoetessWug said...

I'm glad you had a good weekend. I did too! And my weekend included some gardening and flowers too...but hubby did it, not me! Me and the gardening stuff are allergic to each other. LOL I love your photos...all of them!...And Chomp?!...I mean Chompette?! O_0