Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's pretty Gnomey in here

What I'm really good at:

Making a huge mess.  Not even in the the livingroom.  (Don't tell Jon.)

What I'm not so good at: apparently blogging.  Can you believe it's been almost a whole week since I've posted?!  Sorry bout that.  I've been up to my elbows in gnomes and class (I'm in a small business course this semester).  

Wanna know what else I'm good at?  Seam ripping.  Seriously.  Why can't I just do something right the first time?  It'd be a whole lot easier.  *Sigh*

On the plus side, I did get another gnome done just last night.  And I'm working on another this morning before I have to get ready to head out to a grad party for one of Jon's cousins.  And it's such a gorgeous day for one!  Glad it finally dried up a bit around here.  It feels like it's been non-stop mist/rain/drizzle all week.  Anyway, here's the gnomies!

If I ever take a break from making them, I'll get these guys up in the shop. ;)

PS: The poll results are in!  Looks like I'll be giving away.......earrings!  I think I also might do a brooch though because that was a close second choice.  I'll be working on those too then, and the giveaway will start on my bloggy anniversary (7/3/11).  Stay tuned!


marathon1981 said...

ahhh I love your mess!! Looks like home heheheh

Heedless said...

Cute Gnomes..and I usually have messes in several rooms too...I am never sure about the best frequency for blog posts...I follow a few blogs (I put them on my iGoggle) who post about once a month or even less...

..and I still pay attention and check out their post. I put your blog on my iGoogle I have a better chance of keeping up :)