Sunday, June 19, 2011

A New Line of Plush!!!

I've been working on a new line of plushies for the past few days and I'm really excited about them!  I think they're pretty neato (and I hope you do too).  I have visions of a whoooole mess of them all lined up - all different colors and sizes.  For now though, I present to you...Percival the Gnome!

I've got a couple others almost done too.  But Percival's the first all-the-way-done gnome. :)  They'll all be available in the shop soon!

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Katie said...

LOVE HIM! You are so creative.

marathon1981 said...

So great, I Love the body fabric and the hat trim!! I can't wait to see more. Also, I have a small obsession with Gnomes that goes way back, before seeing the movie Amelie!

Becky said...

ahahahaha excellent! And of course, you had to take the picture outside! :D

Cassandra said...

Thanks ladies!!

@marathon - Don't you love it! Most of the fabrics for these guys will be vintage. (The body, hat, bottom and hat trim are all vintage on this guy!) And I know! I only recently saw Amelie (for shame! I know, but GREAT movie) but I do remember checking out Brian Froud books from the library when I was in middle school and just falling in love with that whole world.