Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Funday

It was such a beautiful, fun day today!  I got up bright and, well, it was bright anyway...and headed back out to the estate sale to see if I could catch some good deals.

I found that this estate sale company was kinda generally overpriced to begin with.  And apparently they don't have any desire to get rid of all they're trying to sell because their "deal day" was not that much of a deal.  50% off the "stuff" was good - but only 25% off furniture...with no wheeling dealing room?  Whatever.  The big stuff I went back for was pretty much gone anyway.  I figured it would be though.  So no biggie.  :)

I did find some good stuff though!  Here are my finds from both days:

Look at that great cobbler's stand!  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it - but I just thought it was cool.  Maybe we'll do something in the garden with it...?  And that circular frame thing you see is a canning device - it's used for putting the jars in the pot and taking them out again without having to touch them.

Some cool old food stuffs tins.  Don't you love the graphics?  Especially on the Blum's "Lumps and Bumps" licorice one.  And a great open salt dish.  I love the color and all the cuts & shapes in the glass.

I just love this girl.  I've only recently started to notice these pre-printed plush dolls.  I've seen some really cute ones on Etsy.  I love her little patchwork dress.

And guess what I found hidden away in the same room as this ^ cutie?

Can you believe it?  He's so cool!  I've never seen one before.  I mean, outside of online or old magazines, etc.  I think he's going to end up in the shop.  I'm sure he'll make some crafty craftress very happy.  So stay tuned to the shop!  Speaking of, I've added a few things in there lately, so if you haven't been recently - go check it out!

And now for the MOST fun part of my Sunday funday!  My absolute bestie, Kristin, came over with her baby, Taylor!  Here she is with her little monkey self in her bumbo watching us make lunch.

Aaaaack!  The cuteness!!!  She's so adorable and I just love her little face.  After we had lunch and she had her bottle, we went out for some fun in the sun.  Well, fun in the shade, in the sun.  It was a hot one here today!  But in the shade it was actually quite nice.

We blew bubbles and put our feet in the grass and almost rolled onto our tummy!  And then "we" got real cranky and had to go in and take a nap.  Love that little munchkin.  Thanks so much for coming to see me girls!


PoetessWug said...

Good finds!...Especially the little 'munchkin'! :-)

Celtic Cat said...

Looks like your cat is approving your finds!

~Deb~ said...

What a lil cutie!

Cassandra said...

I know! Isn't she adorable!?!

@Celtic Cat - totally! I can't do a single thing around my place without his approval. It's so funny.