Friday, July 1, 2011

Takin' care of business

I got a ton done tonight.


I came home, tried to tame the chipmunk who lives in our rock pile with a peanut again (no go), cleaned up the house, finished a gnome, got excited about it, went outside, took some gnomey pictures, saw that the bush I bought last weekend & never put in the ground was dying in all this sun and heat we've been having so decided to do an impromptu planting....

...Jon objected to my planting attire - I can't imagine why...either way, my bush got planted, then I came back in, sewed another gnome (it'll be finished tomorrow), and hung the spool holder I recently bought and fixed up.  Phew!

That was a whole lot of stuff for one night.

But now it's late.

So I'll be back to share about my DIY spool holder project tomorrow and hopefully sometime this weekend, I'll update you on all my gnomey goodness and share some more work on my dragon too!  G'night!


PoetessWug said...

^_^ I see cartoon characters on the socks of your flip flop loving planting attire?!.....Cool! ^_^

Cassandra said...

Ha! Yeah - they're like little cutsie orange skulls or something. You might be able to see that if my pics weren't so blurry. :) It was a mad dash - losing light, wanting to get back inside to finish sewing - but for some reason, I HAD to plant that bush right then. In flip flops. With socks. And leggings. And yes, the neighbor did drive by. Lol!

PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Ha!