Friday, July 1, 2011

A DIY Spool Holder Rejuvenation!

Ok!  So on one of my recent thrifting trips (of which there are many - I try to go once a week) I found a pretty cool, in mostly good shape, but pretty sad and dated-looking spool holder.  Here it is in all its glory.  With the tip of Moe's tail.  Of course.  Can't get a picture of anything in this house without a cat in it.  Anyway, here it is:

Looks sad, huh?  But pretty useful, right?  I thought so.  I got it for $5.  Which is actually kinda high by my thrifting standards.  But I've been keeping my eye open for one for so long that once I saw this one, I had to buy it anyway.  It's missing a couple of the pegs.  But I can replace those later once I go buy the right-sized dowel.  I was too lazy to do it this time around.

But not too lazy to do some sanding!  I wasn't going to do any sanding - I've re-painted stuff before and skipped this step altogether.  Just give it a good cleaning and good to go.  But Jon said it would turn out better if I put some effort into it.  *Sigh*  Fine.  So here I am in my sweatpants...sanding away.

I'm not actually left handed - but I am not a good, steady picture-taker with my left hand so whenever you see action shots - it'll more than likely look like I'm a lefty as my right hand is playing photographer. :)

So I sanded it pretty well.  Not down to wood.  Just enough to take the top layer of finish off and get rid of the gloss so the paint would stick better.  Then I took it out in the middle of the yard, laid it on a flattened cardboard box, and painted it over the course of a morning.  It took one whole can of spray paint.

When spray painting - be sure to read the can really well and stick to the directions.  I've found that different paints are set to dry at different times and all brands/types are not equal.  A lot of the time you have to let the paint dry for very specific times between coats (for example: either under 15 minutes OR over 24 hours) because of how the paint reacts to itself or whatever.  If you don't - if you add another coat too soon, or wait too long - you risk ruining your piece.  Believe me.  And of course, ALWAYS paint in a well-ventilated area.

Wanna see what my spool holder looks like now?!

I think it turned out really well.  I'm thinking of still possibly adding more detail of some sort (endless possibilities - eek!) but for now - it's perfect.  And cute!  And shiney! :)  It holds almost all of my thread too!  The rest are in the largest matryoshka doll cup.

I'm really happy with my little sewing nook.  Actually, the chair's too high, there's no leg room and it's pretty crowded over there.  But I'm working on a desk that will replace the shelves and I'm on the lookout for a very specific kind of chair so I'm hoping this part of my room will be all done by the end of this summer. :)  But overall, I am really happy with it.  I do like my inspiration board.  Very much.  And do I like that I have a place to leave my machine out all the time - I'm much more inclined to use it that way.  And I do like my spool holder. :)  The end.

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PoetessWug said...

It came out very nice after all of your hard work! Beautiful color to choose too!

diane said...

your spool holder looks fantastic!

Cassandra said...

Thank you, ladies! So sweet of you. :)

BOB & MABEL said...

Great choice of colour, it looks awesome.