Sunday, July 10, 2011

Doin' my Gnomework

This weekend I went on the hunt for some vintage -- or at least vintage-looking -- sheets for crafting.  Struck out. :(  Boooo.  But I did find a bunch of other good clothing items that I can break down for material.

Woohoo!  And some of those pieces were vintage - bonus!  (Not cute vintage though - like weird uncle vintage.  Not good for wearing, but great for crafting.)

I'm currently working on a bunch of projects - the biggest of which being a new art doll, and my dragon of course.  But I spent most of the weekend working on my gnomes.  :)  I'm in love with them.

So now, after some serious crafting sessions this weekend, here's the latest lineup of the gnome-squad.

Now featuring Wee Gnomes!

Aren't they cute?! (My first gnome is available in my Etsy shop.  Other gnomes can be seen on Pooknflip's Facebook page -- are you a fan yet?!)

So why am I churning out gnomes like a mad woman you may ask?  (Especially when I should be working on other stuff right now.)  Other than the fact that I just think they're so darn cute, I'm strongly considering trying out my first craft fair this year.  :)  I've never been to this particular event before, so I'm not really sure if it will be for me.  I do know it's just a small, high-school hosted holiday event (which is perfect for a first-timer like me) - but that's about it.  I want to check it out...ask a lot of questions...see if it would be something I could do.  Ultimately though, I need to pump up my inventory.  The show is in November, and it might seem like a long way off -- but it's really not, considering how much plush I would need to make between now and then to have a good show.

So I've been a bit pre-occupied with that.  But I did get another wing sewn  for the dragon this weekend too. And I've got some great fabric bits I picked up for the art doll order I've got.  He's gonna be like Eustace - but he'll be a hurly burly mountain man.  I'm excited.


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Thanks, Maureen!! I can't stop making them. :) Btw, I LOVE your blog! You always share the greatest things and ideas. See you around!