Sunday, July 10, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Brooke!  You were the lucky number 13 commenter.

I hope you really like these. <3  I'll send you an email, get your info and ship them out Monday.

Thanks to everyone for participating!  I really liked doing this giveaway.  Maybe I'll do another one - sooner than later.  Since the brooch was the second item of choice from the poll, maybe I'll do another giveaway with that for a prize.  Actually, I've been meaning to try my hand at some new items for the shop anyway - specifically brooches.  I've had a ton of ideas, but haven't really started anything solid.  Great excuse to get my buns in gear, right?!

Edit: FYI, my blogger time must be off somehow.  It's currently 2:52 am, Sunday.  (Just wanted to make sure you knew I wasn't jumping the gun on closing the giveaway.) ;)


PoetessWug said...

Congrats to the winner! :-) ... {And by the way, you can change the time to fit your own area. Just go to the help section and put the question in. It'll tell you how to do it. I know because I've done mine a couple of times now.}

Cassandra said...

Thanks Deb! I've been trying to figure that out - I guess the simplest solution didn't occur to me. :)